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Just what is Linux?

Just what is Open Source?

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The Edmonton Linux User Group holds monthly meetings, attended by as few as two people, and as many as 60. Their mailing list is fairly active. If you are in the area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you may want to check them out.

The Open Source Users Society (Edmonton Region), another Alberta organization, was created as a signing authority to enable any group concerned with the Open Source movement to have an accountable entity to represent them. As an example, to put on a Linux Installfest, many sponsors want a legal entity to deal with, and ELUG is a completely non-formal group. A *BSD group could just as easily make use of this service.

Linux.Online is a wealth of Linux information.

Slashdot, or "/." is a sometimes off-the-wall ezine. Lots of interesting stuff.

To find the latest Linux kernel, check out The Kernel Archives.

Test your firewall with an automated attack from Virtual Suicide.

fresh meat is another interesting ezine with lots of content.

Register your Linux system at The Linux Counter site.

All that How-To information can be found at The Linux Documentation Project and at

Tux.Org Inc. and have a variety of general information., Penguin, and Linux Start contain many resources.

Then there is the Linux Knowledge Base.

A Canadian site with lots of Linux links, LinuxCanada.Net.